How to Practise Bow Pose?

Bow Pose is an advanced pose, used to stretch the entire front side of the body. Therapeutic applications of this pose include constipation, mild backache, respiratory ailments, fatigue and menstrual discomfort. However, people with low or high blood pressure should avoid this pose.
Bow Pose

How to Practice Bow Pose?
  • Lie down comfortably on your stomach with arms alongside your torso and the palms facing upward
  • Exhale and bend the knees, bring your heels as near as possible to the buttocks
  • Grasp your ankles with the arms, do not catch the tops of your feet
  • Make sure that the knees do not extend over your hip-width
  • Try to maintain your hip-knee width throughout the practice
  • Your weight should not rest on the pelvis, instead it should rest on your stomach
  • Inhale and strongly lift the heels away from the buttocks and lift your thighs from the floor simultaneously
  • Press the shoulder blades firmly against the back and gaze forward, this opens your heart
  • Stay in the pose for 30 seconds in the beginning and release as you exhale
  • Increase the back stretching and holding time as you get experienced

Benefits of Bow Pose

  • Strengthens your back muscles
  • It stretches the ankles, entire front part of the body, chest, groin, abdomen, thighs,and deep hip flexors
  • Practicing the bow pose regularly will improve your posture
  • It also helps relieve stress and mild depression


  • People with low or high blood pressure must avoid this pose
  • Patients with neck injury or lower-back injury should avoid this pose

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