How to Practise Boat Pose?

Boat pose is a seated pose that helps in building your core strength by strengthening the spine, hip flexors and abdomen area. It stimulates the thyroid and prostrate glands. However, patient with asthma, heart problems and low blood pressure may avoid this pose, or be very careful while practicing this pose. This pose helps in improving digestion.


  • If you have a neck injury, you may practice this pose sitting near to a wall. This will help in supporting your neck while falling back
  • People with heart problems and low blood pressure should be careful while practicing this pose
  • Asthma and diarrhea patients may avoid this pose
  • Pregnant women should not practice this pose
How to Practice Boat Pose?

Boat Pose

  • Sit comfortably in the staff pose on the floor or on a yoga mat
  • From this position lift your feet at 45 to 50 degrees to the floor
  • Lift your pubis towards the navel and lengthen the tail bone to the floor
  • If possible, straighten the knees in such a way that your toe tips raise above your eyes
  • While doing this your torso will fall back but, make sure that the spine does not collapse
  • This should resemble a V shape that is balanced on the sit bones
  • Breath easily and press your thigh bones towards the floor to lift the top sternum and anchor the pose
  • Stretch your arms straight alongside your legs, parallel to the floor
  • While practicing this pose always keep your lower belly relatively flat

Benefits of Boat Pose

  • It strengthens your spine, abdomen and hip flexors
  • Stimulates the prostate and thyroid glands, kidneys and intestines
  • It helps in relieving stress
  • Improves digestion

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