What is Postnatal Yoga?

Giving birth is the most challenging part in a woman’s life. It is very crucial to be strong both physically and mentally after pregnancy (especially first six months), to meet the requirements of the newly born. This part of yoga done after delivery is called postnatal yoga.

Why Postnatal Yoga?

Postnatal Yoga

  • Practicing yoga will give you the required support in the stage of changing responsibilities.
  • Yoga in an ancient art that helps new mothers to stay fit, feel confident and increases stamina.
  • It also makes them feel the lightness in every level of there being, that is, it makes them feel light physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • However, diet plays a major role in the well being of the newly born and the mother.

Postnatal Yoga Practices

Normal exercises include

    • Reverse breathing for pelvic floor
    • Alternate nostril breathing to calm the mind
    • Legs up the wall pose to relieve from fatigue
    • Warrior II pose for endurance
    • Cow Face pose for aching shoulders and neck
    • Some of the most popular yoga poses for new mothers are

Spinal rolling
Child Pose
Leg lifts
Cobra pose
Plow pose
Butterfly pose
Locust pose
Supporting Bridge pose
Corpse pose

  • Based on the requirements and complexity after the delivery, there are many other poses that can be practiced.
  • Practicing some of these poses may cause few side effects, so they must be suggested individually by a yoga guru or a certified tutor.


  • It is a very good exercise to increase oxygen levels in your body, there by increasing the blood flow.
  • It calms the mind and makes the new mothers hyper active.
  • Practicing pranayama for five minutes twice a day will show good results.

Caution: Do not practice kapalabhati pranayam, as it can hurt the abdominal area of the new mom

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