How to Practice Super Brain Yoga?

Most of us have a very congested lifestyle, where getting half an hour for practicing yoga is very hard. For such people, Super brain yoga is the simplest, yet most effective technique available for energizing and recharging your brain. Practicing this yoga will increase efficiency and effectivity of an individual.

Procedure of Super brain Yoga
  • The main aim of this yoga is to activate and energize the eleven energy centers present in our body for better life and to acquire inner peace.
  • Practicing this yoga in the morning can give you best results, because the stress relief and concentration apply throughout the day.
  • Doing under the sun and facing the sunrise is the best way of practice. If you cannot do this, then you can practice it in your room facing the sun.

Steps Involved in Super brain Yoga

  • Hold the right earlobe with your left hand’s index finger and thumb. Here thumb should be facing away from you. Please remove any jewelry or piercings before proceeding
  • While doing this press the tongue to your mouth’s roof
  • Inhale through the nose and hold it till you comeback to normal standing position, then squat down slowly.
  • Leave the right ear and now hold your left earlobe with your right hand’s index finger and thumb. Make sure the thumb faces away from you.
  • Do this procedure for 15 times. You may not notice changes immediately, but few weeks of practice will show improvements clearly.


  • Avoiding excess alcohol intake, smoking and addictive drugs while practicing this yoga.
  • Do not practice this yoga during menstruation, two days before and after menstruation.
  • Do not overdo this yoga to minimize any physical disorders or health problems.

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  1. sir, I heard about this Super Brain Yoga while attending a workshop on Procurement Procedures under a World Bank project. The speaker out of interest showed us a clipping on this. Actually in our school days the teacher gives us punishment of the same sort as described in the super power yoga for students who fail to do their home work.Proud to say that it has its basics in India.

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