How to Practise Dolphin Pose?

Dolphin pose is also called Makarasana. It is also known by another name puppy pose and is a type of mild inversion and standing pose. It is a mere version of Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog) pose. The following article helps you on how to practice dolphin pose.

Dolphin Pose

Instructions of Dolphin Pose
  • Come onto the floor on your hands and knees. Set your knees directly below your hips and your forearms on the floor with your shoulders directly above your wrists. Firmly press your palms together and your forearms into the floor.
  • Curl your toes under, then exhale and lift your knees away from the floor. At first keep the knees slightly bent and the heels lifted away from the floor. Lengthen your tailbone away from the back of your pelvis and press it lightly toward the pubis. Against this resistance, lift the sitting bones toward the ceiling, and from your inner ankles draw the inner legs up into the groins.
  • Continue to press the forearms actively into the floor. Firm your shoulder blades against your back, then widen them away from the spine and draw them toward the tailbone. Hold your head between the upper arms; don’t let it hang or press heavily against the floor.
  • You can straighten your knees if you like, but if your upper back rounds it’s best to keep them bent. Continue to lengthen your tailbone away from the pelvis and lift the top of your sternum away from the floor.
  • Stay between 30 seconds to one minute. Then release your knees to the floor with an exhale.

Benefits of Dolphin Pose

This pose builds strength in shoulders and arms. Especially beneficial to get rid of wrist pain.

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