Prenatal Yoga Poses

Are you afraid of the labor during delivery?, Do you want a labor free delivery or with least labor possible? Then practicing prenatal yoga poses is the best solution, as it will not have any side effects on the mother and the kid.

Prenatal Yoga Poses
  • During these sessions they can use props like chairs, bolsters, belts, cushions, blankets and wall for support
  • Inversion poses are very helpful during the first trimester, as it rushes blood to every part of your body it gives more energy. Best inversion poses is supportive sirsasana (done using the wall support)
  • The Cow and Cat poses will strengthen her abs and make them suppler
  • Practicing Child pose can open up her chest and pelvis
  • The pelvic tilt will strengthen a pregnant woman’s abdomen muscles and buttocks, it also stretches her lower back. It is practiced using the wall as support
  • Chest expansion is a very important exercise which can stretch, strengthen and open up pregnant woman’s chest and upper back.
  • Relaxation poses like corpse pose can relieve all backaches and keeps the expecting mother in a mentally balanced state
  • Other poses that will stretch her hips include Pigeon pose, Half Moon pose, Triangle pose, Warrior II pose and Baddha Konasana

Cautions While Practicing Prenatal Yoga Poses

  • Never compress your abdomen.
  • Avoid poses that need extreme stretching, especially the ones which stretch the abdominal muscles as they are more prone for injuries during pregnancy.
  • Listen and pay attention to your body while exercising, it gives messages when it cannot hold a pose or when it becomes heavy to practice anymore. Stop immediately and relax the body.

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