What is Balance Yoga? – How To Practise?

Maintaining balance in life is very important and crucial, this needs both physical and mental balance. It is very hard to be balanced in joy and sorrow, in loss and gain, and in pain. It needs a great discipline and practise. Yoga is the best solution to achieve balance in life, it is not the only way to achieve this, but it is the easiest way.

How to Practise Balance Yoga?

According to Sage Patanjali (greatest known sage who thought yoga), balance in life can be achieved only by practising the principle Yogaha Chitha Vruthi Nirodhaha”. That is, controlling or balancing of one;s desires is the main objective of Yoga. To achieve this result through yoga, three disciplines must be followed. They are

Diet Discipline

  • This is the most important discipline out of the three. With out proper regulations in food you cannot achieve any thing from yoga practise.
  • Eating vegetarian food is best for yoga practise. If this is not possible then eat steam cooked meat, fried food should be completely avoided.
  • Hot and spice food make you unhealthy and mentally imbalanced, use very little spices and cook as mild as possible.
  • Eat 10 leaves of Ocimum tenuiflorum, also known as holy basil or tulsi leaves by Indians. They are very good for physical and mental well being.

Yoga Poses

  • Yoga poses are very important for physical balance and they also help in balancing the mind.
  • A yoga guru or a certified yoga instructor can tell you the exact poses you need to practise.
  • Some individuals may have good physical balance, but have less mental balance and some may lag in physical balance. Both physical balance and mental balance should be in equilibrium to obtain complete balance.
  • Some of the commonly preferred balance poses include Mountain pose, Tree pose, One foot balance pose, Full arm balance, Vasista pose, Half Moon pose, Warrrior pose III, complete Inversion pose, Shoulder stand pose.


  • Meditation is the best practise to achieve mental balance.
  • Normal meditation is enough to reach the goal, practising just before practising yoga pose will increase energy and smoothes your practise.
  • Meditation involves sitting in any comfortable pose, sitting on bed and chair is also accepted, but for beginners it is good to practise in by sitting on a mat.
  • Close your eyes and observe the breathing process, just cut any thoughts you may get during the process.

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