What are the Beginning Yoga Poses?

Its true that when any one tells you about yoga poses they sound like Greek and Latin for you, especially the names. So many poses and so much time, it may feel impossible for you to practice. But, always there will be a beginning for every theory and every practice, it is just a matter of staring. Here are the beginning yoga poses suitable for yoga beginners. Though there are plenty of poses, they take very less time to practice, yet keep you fit and healthy. Out of the below said beginning yoga poses individuals can pick a few depending on their requirements and practice them.

List of Beginning Yoga Poses

Standing Poses

  • These poses are practiced in standing, some of them include Downward-facing dog, Extended side angle pose, Garland pose, Pyramid pose, Mountain pose, Raised hands pose, Standing forward bend, Straddle forward pose, Triangle pose, Warrior-I pose, Warrior-II pose
  • All these poses take very less time and little effort to practice

Seated Poses

  • These poses are practiced by lying on the ground or sitting. They stretch all most all the parts of your body.
  • Poses include Cobbler’s pose, Easy pose, Seated forward bend, Half Lord of fishes pose, Head to knee pose, Seated wide legged straddle and Staff pose

Resting or Supine Poses

  • Corpse pose, Child pose, Goddess pose, Gentle inversion pose (or legs up the wall pose), Pelvic tilts, Happy baby pose, Supine spinal twist and Reclined big toe pose are called resting poses.
  • As the name indicates theses poses are used for relaxing your body

Back Bends

  • These poses are very useful to stretch and strengthen your spine
  • Poses include Bridge pose (supported version), Cat – Cow stretch pose, Cobra pose, Asthanga Namaskara (or Chin, Chest and Knees pose)

Balancing Poses

  • These poses not only balance your physical body, but also increase the mental balancing
  • Plank pose, Knees and Hand balance pose, Side plank variations, Tree pose, Inversion pose (using wall for support)

These are the various beginning yoga poses you can choose in the initial stages of yoga performance.

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