How To Do Yoga

Yoga can be simply defined as the art of living. It has many disciplines that must be followed to have a successful life. Yoga helps an individual physically, mentally, and psychologically. There are certain rules to be followed to have a proper yogic life. The following article tells you on how to do yoga.

What is Yoga?

Many of us consider yoga as a set of poses for maintaining good health. But according to the ancient scriptures of Indians and Chinese, Yoga is an art of living. It combines everything from physical practises to settle mental practises. A perfect yogi (one who leads the life as mentioned in the scriptures) is also treated as God.

Hindus follow two main scriptures which explain about all the yoga’s of life. The Bhagavad gita, and the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Bhagavad gita explains various yoga techniques that can be followed to reach salvation or ultimate freedom or supreme bliss (all one and the same). Patanjali Yoga Sutras explains in detail about the practises to be done in each yoga

How to do Yoga

As mentioned earlier yoga has set of predefined rules to be followed for a successful life, some of them include

Life Style: You have to practise non-violence to the maximum extent, humbleness towards elders and scriptures (sources of knowledge), righteousness towards the work we do for our daily living.
Diet: Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks. These two are must for getting any good results out of yoga. Eating only vegetarian food is recommended, and if that is not possible then do not eat stir fried foods. Limit the meat intake to one fourth of your meal.
Postures: Practise different poses to stay physically fit and mentally strong. Physical fitness has the utmost importance because all the other practises can be done properly only if you have good physical health.
Meditation: This is the most important practise to relax by reducing stress, tension. Meditation can also cure many deadly diseases without using any medication

Note: It is good to practise the asanas in the rising sun rays or in the setting sun rays and in open air, this will make your body absorb different vitamins, minerals and cosmic energy.

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  1. I love yoga as an alternative to high impact jumping around type of exercise. It took me a while to get into it though and you are so right – it is more a way of living than just a way to stay healthy.


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