What is a Crow Pose? – Cautions

Crow pose is one of the tough poses in yoga practice, mostly practised by the advanced yogis (people practising yoga for a long time). In this pose the whole body balances on the wrists, so people with wrist injury and spine problems are not recommended to practise this pose. This pose will strengthen the wrists, abdominal area and stretches the spinal cord.


  • People with wrist injuries and back pain should not do this pose
  • People having Carpal tunnel syndrome are not recommended to practise this pose
  • Pregnant woman must not practise this pose

How to Practise The Crow Pose

  • Initially it is recommended to practise this pose only under a yoga instructor or a yoga guru
  • If possible come into the squat position and if that is hard to do then, start with tadasana and put your feet, hip externally rotated and apart. Now bend your knees till your palms reach the floor.
  • Keep the palms about shoulder distance apart in front of your body, and let the knees rest at the back of the arms (like triceps)
  • To prepare yourself for the lift, lean forward on the hands and push the weight to the ground through your wrist. Now elevate your heels and push off the balls of your feet slowly.
  • When you get the control of your weight on your wrists and hands, slowly start lifting your feet off the ground.
  • Remain in that position as long as you can, and slowly get your feet to the ground.
  • Now slowly get the weight off the wrists and free them.

Benefits of Crow Pose

  • Strengthens your wrists and arms
  • Stretches your upper back
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles
  • Opens the groins
  • Tones all the abdominal organs

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