Cat Pose Procedure

Cat pose is commonly called as a beginner’s pose. The other name for this pose is bidalasana. The practice of this pose gets more energy and new life to the spine. Internal organs get renewed blood flow, there by improving their action. People with back pain and neck pain should practice this pose with some modifications.
Cat Pose

Cat Pose Procedure
  • Come into all fours position (balancing your body on both the knees and hands). Bring your shoulders and hands width apart, hips and knees width apart. Through out the process be aware of your breath.
  • Inhale slowly and completely, now extend your chest forward and bend your back downwards like an arch. Feel the head and the tailbone getting lifting equally towards the roof or sky.
  • While in this position feel every vertebra and the entire back. Stay in this position for some time (depending on your efficiency)
  • Now slowly arch your back upwards and track your crown of the head and the tailbone moving towards each other. Balance up on your knees and hands, feel your back and vertebrae. Through out this step exhale the air taken in, slowly and completely.
  • Continue the coordination of your breath and spine movement. Repeat this pose for two to three time in your practise. Get to the corpse pose after finishing this pose, this relaxes your spine and neck muscles

Benefits of Cat Pose

  • Excellent to create a supple spine and preventing injury
  • Purifies the blood
  • Reinvigorates your spine and the internal organs
  • Relieves tension from the lower back

Cautions for Cat Pose

People with back injuries can do some modifications to this pose according to the requirements, never extend the pose in these conditions

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