Stress Relief Yoga – Why Yoga?

According to a research by Oxford University, in 2006 94% of worlds population have some level of stress in there life. But according to National Institutes of Health more than 98% of the American adults have higher stress levels than the average stress levels of other country individuals. Most importantly children between the age of 6 to 14 years are having increased stress year by year, one good reason for this is the pressure of there studies. American Yoga Association suggests yoga as the best solution for removing stress

Why Yoga for Stress Relief?

There are many reasons for stress, but the most important three classifications are work tension, financial problems, and personal life problems. Any difficulty or problem an individual faces can be grouped in to one of these classifications. An individual cannot afford to go after a physiatrist when ever he has mental stress. Practising yoga is the best, easy, least expensive, and no side effect solution for stress relief (both physical and mental), Yoga does not mean just asanas, but it is a mixture of activities assigned to change an individuals life style.

Concept of Stress Relief Yoga

It include

Diet routine includes

  • No fast food
  • If possible only vegetarian food (preferably organic)
  • If meat has to be added, then no deep fries (steam cooked meat is preferred)
  • Never drink alcohol (of any concentration)

Exercise regime

  • Best way to relieve physical stress
  • Depending on your familiarity with yoga, you can practise the asanas
  • Poses like Sarvangasana, Sirshasana, Shavasana, Warrior pose, Dhanurasanas and many more can relieve both physical and mental stress instantaneously.


  • It is very important to practise any posture in yoga, as every pose has different set of inhale and exhales
  • Practising pranayama will increase the intake of oxygen and stimulates the blood cells, as a result increase the stamina and efficiency.
  • Practising pranayama for 10 to 15 minutes two times day can give best results


  • Meditation increases the intake of cosmic energy, there by increasing the inner strength.
  • Practising meditation will increase the ability to with stand for any problem


Never keep your feeling to yourself, discuss them with your friends, family and colleagues depending on there maturity and understanding. That is a family member may not understand work problems and work colleague cannot understand problems between life partners.

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