What is Corporate Yoga?

Yoga is the perfect scientific discipline with practical and definitive results, to address tension in the body and mind. Yoga has the lowest impact when compared to other exercise routines. It improves flexibility, strength, reduces physical and mental stress and tension, builds concentration. Corporate Yoga is an innovative and informative set of programs which help the company and its employees by motivating, improving teamwork, and as a result achieving peak performance.

Why to do Corporate Yoga?

Yoga generates energy and eradicate fatigue, this leads to increased morale and productivity – the perfect combination for any corporate environment.Corporate yoga is not just an exercise routine or relaxation technique or a conventional stress management course, it is a complete program for body-mind health, acceptance, and personal challenge. Besides, it gives the great opportunity for bringing the ancient practices of Yoga to the corporate office.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

  • Clear perception and proper decision making
  • Concentration and clarity of mind
  • Doubled Self-confidence level
  • Fitness, health and total well-being
  • Improved physical, emotional and mental health
  • Increased personal productivity, resulting in increased overall productivity
  • Learning relaxation skills
  • Stress management

Techniques Used in Corporate Yoga

Asanas: Includes stretching and exercises for the physical benefits of an individual
Pranayam: A breathing exercise for both physical and mental well being
Guided Meditation: To increase the concentration while working
Healthy food habits: Diet and kitchen remedies for proper lifestyle
Introspection: For self-awareness and positive thinking
Yoga Nidra: Some relaxation techniques to minimize the stress and increase the productivity

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  1. More companies are sponsoring yoga breaks these days. Good idea.


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