Free Yoga Exercises – Examples

Many people follow a strict diet routine and vigorous exercises to be fit. Have you ever thought of being fit and healthy with the least effort possible? It sounds crazy, but there are free yoga exercises for getting fit. You may not be able to become a body builder, but these are enough for being fit.

Different Types Free Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercises are fundamentally categorized in to eight sets of positions, and each set concentrating on different parts of the body. The classification is as follow

  • Warm-up positions
  • Seated positions
  • Standing positions
  • Back-bending positions
  • Supine positions
  • Twist yoga positions
  • Balancing postures and Upturned positions
  • Finishing positions

Except the warp-up and finishing set of positions, other sets can be further classified in to

  • Beginners positions
  • Slightly difficult positions
  • Most difficult positions

Free Yoga Exercises

All the beginners positions can be called free yoga exercises.These free yoga poses can be practiced without much strain on the body, yet get good results. Some of the poses include

Child pose – Stretches you thighs, hips and ankles, it also strengthens you spine and tightens you abdominal region
Cobra pose – Strengthens your spine and stretches lungs, chest, abdomen and shoulders
Corpse pose – This posture will rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit, reduces tension and stress.
Angled Pose – It strengthens the muscles in the legs and stretches the hips and spine
Padma Pose – Calms your brain and stimulates the spine, pelvis, bladder and abdomen area.
Big Toe Pose – Stretches the calves and hamstrings, strengthens the thighs and arm muscle. Improves your digestive system.

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