What is Yoga Anatomy? – Benefits of Knowing It

How many of you know exactly the coordination between the asanas and your body? It is hard to analyse this unless you are a yoga guru or a certified instructor. If you are a beginner in yoga, then it may not be very useful for you to know the yoga anatomy behind the poses, but once you advance in yoga practice it is very important to know the exact reasons.

What is Yoga Anatomy?

Yoga is not a practice of some poses to get mental and physical strength. According to Indians it is the base of the universe, yoga teaches the techniques of, how to merge an individual into the atman or the universal self or god. Yoga anatomy can be defined as the co-ordination between the asanas we practice and the underlying structures and principles, connecting the body and the universe.

Breathing Technique: This plays an important role in all the yoga practices. There is a deeper co-ordination between each inhale, exhale and how each muscles works accordingly.

Kundalini Power:
Kundalini sakthi (power) is located in the base of the spine for every individual and the main aim of every yoga taught till date is to awaken this power and transfer it to the crown point located in the head, through the spine.

While practicing any asana we only know about the physical benefit of it. Example: a child pose stretches you thighs and arms, strengthens you hips and spine. But the underlying effect of this asana is to wake the kundalini power present in the spinal base.

Benefits of Knowing Yoga Anatomy

Most people try to skip the tough parts while practicing a pose. By knowing about the yoga anatomy it gives the individual a clear knowledge of the body and the importance of each step in the process of practicing a pose.

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