Yoga Therapy for Depression

Yoga for depression

The American Yoga Association recommends yoga therapy as the best way to prevent any illness with the least side effects or with no side effects. Yoga therapy is an ancient technique used in China and India for all aspects of life, that is, it is used for diseases, depression, obesity, mental illness etc. Westerners have started learning yoga thanks to the many realized souls who shared their knowledge and experience.

What is Yoga Therapy ?
According to Indians, there is no physical or mental problem that yoga cannot solve, if practiced properly. Yoga therapy includes diet formalities, behavioral changes, asanas or poses, meditation, and pranayama. Depending on the requirements, the guru will design the procedure and schedule of the therapy, that is, some may need more asanas and less meditation, in other cases it can be vice versa.

Yoga Therapy for Depression

  • Behavioral changes are the first step, it includes changing of lifestyle and attitude.
  • Yoga therapy gives the best results for vegetarians, as they vegetarian foods are natural, can be eaten raw, and do not require much of spices for making dishes. If you are a non- vegetarian, it is recommended to stop eating meat during the therapy period.
  • Meditation is very helpful to reduce depression. It will increase the cosmic energy flow to your body, thereby making your mind fresh and active.
  • Poses like Sun-salutation, Inversion pose, Bridge pose, the set of Warrior poses and Bow pose can increase the blood flow in the body and help in relieving depression. People with physical disorders or disease are not advised to practice some of these poses.
  • Pranayama practice is recommended for easy practice of meditation and yoga poses.

Remember that the above said procedure is given under the assumption that the patient is having good physical health and minimal depression. If your requirements vary, vist a yoga guru or yoga therapist for the exact procedure to be followed for your condition.

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  1. Really good and informative post,as yoga can be very helpful for mental health can easily overcome depression.Thanks for the wonderful post.

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