Advanced Yoga Poses

Yoga practitioners know it as the best way to be fit with out any side effects. There are some advanced yoga poses which can be practiced only by an advanced contortionist. This article gives the example of some of the advanced yoga poses.

Advanced Yoga Poses

These asanas are only for advanced yoga user, it is recommended to practice these asanas for the first time in front of a yoga master. This helps in finding out the technique properly.

Crow Pose: Technically called as Bakasana, practiced on arm balance. It strengthens the wrist, abdomen, forearms and improves balance

Fly Crow Pose: Also known as Eka Pada Galavasana. It is also used to increase the core strength, balance and arm strength. It also opens the hips.

Eagle Pose: It is a very famous asanas, known as Garudasana. It uses one leg to balance the whole body. It strengthens legs, stretches your shoulders and improves balance.

Firefly Pose: Technically called Tittibhasana, it is formed only on the hands. Benefits of this asana are strengthening of the wrists, abdomen, forearms and stretches the hamstrings.

Forearm Stand: Also called Pincha Mayurasana, is almost an inversion asana, balanced on the forearms and palms. It strengthens the shoulders, back, abdominal regions and improves balance.

King Dancer Pose: This is another famous asana, commonly known as Natarajasana. It is asana performed on a single leg. Advantages include improved balance, strengthen legs and stretched shoulders.

Monkey Pose: Also known as Hanumanasana, is a sitting asana. It stretches the groin and hamstrings.

Headstand Pose: It is considered as one of the best asana which is a total inversion supported by head and forearms. It circulates the blood to the head, it calms the mind and strengthens every part of the body. It is also the best, ever known solution for hair loss.

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