what is Mantra Yoga ?

Mantra yoga is a branch of yoga, having origins in both tantra and vedas. All the verses which are present in vedas are called mantras. It is believed in India that, one who resides the veda mantras with no negativity in mind can attain salvation or the supreme bliss. Mantra yoga is also said as one of the easiest form of yoga.

What is Mantra Yoga ?

Mantra Yoga involves the practise of karma and mantra dhyana. Karma is the practise of all daily routines with out any attachment. Mantra dhyana, is the continuous chanting of a mantra or OM (Universal Self), during awaken state and sleep. You need a guru to get the mantra, depending on you personality, attitude, and mental ability guru gives the mantra and the niyama (principles) to be followed to get the best results.

Methods of Mantra Yoga

There are different methods to practise mantra yoga

Baikhari or Audible : Chanting of mantras a loud (not shouting). Practising this method will remove any distracting thoughts and makes meditation easy. It also makes conceptualization of thoughts easy.

Upanshu or Whispering : Chanting of mantras in a low voice or whispering it. This type of chanting can increase the hours spent, it can last up to 10 hours. It is possible to correct even the destiny errors.

Manasik or Mental : Chanting of mantras in mind, a subtle form of chanting. This is considered the toughest of all the methods, as in needs a great practise and clean mind. It leads to the higher states of awareness very easily.

One can develop from audible stage to whispering stage and then to mental stage, over a period of time with continuous practise.

How to Practise Mantra Yoga

  • The practitioner need a japa mala, to count the number of times a mantra is resided.
  • It is good to practise the mantra yoga during early morning (between 4am -5am) and in the evening (between 6pm -7pm).
  • Practising pranayama during mantra chanting is very good.

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