What is Laya Yoga ?

Laya yoga is considered as one of the highest form of yoga. It is a unique branch of yoga, where you concentrate on the inner sound and meditation. This article brings the details of the laya yoga.

What is Laya Yoga ?

Laya yoga is shaivic (Shaivism) way of practicing yoga, where laya means dissolution. Laya Yoga can be used in two different ways
First one refers to a specific method of practise, it can even be a single exercise.
Second refers to a multi-sided but organised initiation system designed for the practitioner, to liberation.
There are also two ways to practise the laya yoga, vedic yoga and tantric yoga.

Sadhana of Laya Yoga

This sadhana has to be performed before a guru in the initial stages. The guru can tell the better way to do the sadhana depending on the individuals condition.

  • Practising pranayama for about 10 to 15 minutes will get you to a relaxation state
  • Put the position of the body in siddhasana and close your eyelids, look upwords.
  • Concentrate on the sahasrara chakra point, area between the eyebrows.
  • Close your mouth, ears and nose, try listening to the sound in your right ear.
  • After a while, the sound gets clear and seem to be pounding. Gradually, it will be turned in to a very soft sound. This makes your mind to concentrate on sound with no other distractions.
  • Eventually, you will be absorbed in to calm and peaceful state (dissolved in the soul).
  • Stay in that state as long as you can. Most of the people feel the effect for hours after the practise.

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