Awakening Kundalini Through Sahaja Yoga

Awakening Kundalini Through Sahaja Yoga

Many Masters and Gurus call the kundalini as the spiritual start point. Kundalini awakens in many ways, but one of the easiest method is sahaja yoga. Masters like Osho described it as the most difficult one compared to other yogas, because it does not need any effort, and it is natural and spontaneous. This articles explains about kundalini and the method to open it through sahaja yoga.

According to sanskrit (an ancient language in India), Kundalini means coiled. Indian yoga explains kundalini as a point at the base of the spinal cord consisting of a powerful, yet dormant energy source. This source of energy is also known as the Muladhar Chakra. It is visualized with a red lotus of four petals. Kundalini shakti rests here as a snake with three and half coil.

It is believed in India that awakening of the kundalini shakti is the first step of knowing self (god within). Knowing self means unlimited happiness with out a bit of sorrow, balanced personalities, individuals with best moral values.

There are seven chakras through our vertebral column. They represent different elements of the universe, which we are made of. Kundalini forces passage trough these chakras, rising step by step it opens different visions through which yogis experience divine powers.

Sahaja yoga means natural union. In this path of yoga the seven chakras get activated naturally resulting in the raise of Kundalini shakti. Sahaja yoga comprises of chakra cleaning techniques, meditation, and prayers according to the individuals religion. There are around 100 countries which have authorized Sahaja yoga practice centers, all free of cost.

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