What is Prenatal Yoga?

Want to be in shape during pregnancy with out any side effects to you and your baby, then prenatal yoga is the best solution. Prenatal yoga helps in keeping physically fit and mind at peace. This article explains about prenatal yoga. If you are a freshmen to yoga it is very important to practise pranayama. Pranayama is also called disciplined yogic breathing practice. Pranayama can be said as the primary step towards yoga.

Prenatal Yoga

The period of pregnancy is divided in to trimesters lasting for three months each.

Prenatal YogaDuring the First Trimester

  • Many people have the problem of going in to public during there initial pregnancy. To make it more comfortable try the classes labeled prenatal yoga.
  • If you cannot find a prenatal yoga class nearby the other option is to mention to the yoga instructor that you are pregnant.
  • Morning sickness or nausea is the most common problem in the first trimester. You can have skip couple of class or just go for a less vigorous class.
  • Adding to yoga, having a healthy diet is very important
  • Poses like Pigeon, Triangle, Baddha Konasana and Ardha Chandrasana. All fours positions, just like a cow or cat can get the baby in to an optimal position

During the Second Trimester

  • Morning sickness will get reduced in these months allowing you to work in the normal way.
  • Avoid deep backbends totally. You might not felt any problem in the early months, but it is not recommended from now. Try setu bandha asana with a supporting block under the sacrum.
  • Same asanas used in the first trimester can be used.

During the Third Trimester

  • It gets more difficult in the third trimester as the belly increases. Avoid any asanas dependent on the belly.
  • Do not stress much while doing any asanas, take it easy and be relaxed both physically and mentally.
  • Get the asanas from the yoga instructor according to your health needs.

For the long time yogis prenatal yoga will be, just making some changes to the known prenatal yoga poses and adding some relevant asanas for pregnancy. Try to avoid any serious pranayama that you are already practicing.

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