Locust Pose in Yoga

The system of Yoga consists of a wide range of Asanas (Postures) to benefit each and every part of the body. They work on joints, muscles as well as internal organs and systems. They also help stimulate or calm the mind or areas of the brain primarily thought breathing techniques or Pranayama. Garudasana (Eagle pose), Chakrasana (Wheel pose), Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose) are just some examples of Yogic postures.

Locust pose in Yoga

The locust pose is called Salabhasana in Sanskrit. It is a supine position, done lying down on the floor. It is a very good posture for toning and strengthening various muscles of the body.

  • You can start off this Asana by lying down flat on the floor on you abdomen. The head should be down with either the forehead or the nose touching the ground.
  • The feet are kept together with the top of the feet on the floor and toes together. The arms are kept straight, parallel to the side of the body with the palms facing upwards.
  • Interlock your fingers behind your back and keep your arms straight. Alternatively, you could let your arms be in the same position as above mentioned.
  • Slowly inhale and lift your face and chest off the floor, while pulling your arms back towards your legs.
  • Then slowly try and lift both the legs off the floor together. Hold this position for about ten counts once you are used to it. You can breathe normally or hold your breath.
  • Now slowly exhale and bring your legs down gently. Then slowly let your torso down to the floor and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this posture about three to four times. Alternatively, you could do fewer repetitions and hold longer each time.

Benefits of Locust pose in Yoga

  • Strengthens the back and hips
  • Strengthens shoulders, arms and legs
  • Improves spinal flexibility
  • Tones legs and hips
  • Opens up the chest

This posture should be avoided if there are any injuries or medical problems of the back or shoulders. This is not an easy Asana as it puts a lot of pressure on a number of muscles of the body. You should try it in your limits and slowly increase holding time.

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