Yoga Eye Pillow

Yoga is a system of complete well-being. It concentrates not only on fitness and exercise but on relaxation as well. It consists of techniques that help relax the body and calm the mind. But with our stressful lives it is extremely difficult to relax and let go of all the stress of work and other commitments.

Yoga eye pillow

There are many Yoga props like blankets, belts, blocks and wedges that help make the practice of Yoga easier and more comfortable. Yoga eye pillow is one such prop that will make your practice sessions more enjoyable.

They are small pillows, usually made with silk that are kept over the eyes while doing any relaxation Asanas, especially Savasana (Corpse pose). They are filled with different kinds of organic herbs that are known for their relaxing effects on the body. They are a little heavy because of which they also help you keep your eyes shut by keeping light away from your eyes.

Because they are made of herbs and are heavy and uneven, they also help in giving pressure on acupressure points around the eyes, which help you relax even better. They also help rid you of bags under the eyes as well as soreness of the eyes. Other than while doing Yoga, they can also be used while taking a nap for better quality of sleep and relaxation.

They are available in different colors to suit your tastes. You may choose scented ones or if you are allergic to strong smells, you can choose one that is unscented. They are small and hence very easy to carry around wherever you go.

Benefits of Yoga eye pillow

  • Better relaxation
  • Helps release stress and be calm
  • Help you practice Yogic relaxation better and deeper
  • Helps your eyes look fresh and rejuvenated

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