Yoga for Toddlers

Yoga for toddlers taught at an early age helps inculcate self-management in them. It also makes them self-reliant and ready to deal with their day-to-day stress caused by various factors like peer pressure and education. Yoga ensures both physical and mental growth for your toddler. Read on to know the various benefits of yoga for toddlers.

Things to keep in mind while planning Yoga for toddlers

Yoga for Toddlers

  • The first and most important thing is that kids have fun while you make them do Yoga. If they don’t, it will be next to impossible to make them stay for the whole session.
  • The sessions should be done outdoors or near big windows so that children feel free and connect to a lot of the poses that mimic nature.
  • Teach Asanas to children using their English names as it will be more amusing and fun for them to do a Dog pose and a Cat pose than to do a Marjarasana.
  • Position yourself directly in front of the kid so that he/she can follow you properly while you show them the postures.
  • Try to build a story around each posture while teaching kids as this will help them have fun, remember well and you will be able to hold their attention throughout the session.
  • You can get them excited about Yoga sessions by getting them Yoga props in bright colors like a colorful Yoga mat.

If you feel that you may not do a good job of teaching Yoga to your kid, you can enroll him/her in Yoga classes that are specifically dedicated to teaching toddlers and small kids.

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