What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is also known as Hasya Yoga. This is a form of yoga that emphasizes on letting yourself go and laughing unconditionally, just like a small child. It combines this with breathing techniques and exercises, helping people relax.

It was started by a physician from Mumbai, Dr. Madan Kataria, in 1995. It was started as a laughter club with a few friends which then became popular all over, spreading to over sixty countries. There are more than 60,000 centers all over the world.

What is Laughter Yoga based on?

The principle behind this is that the human brain does not differentiate between natural and forced laughter. The whole system reacts identically to both kinds of laughter. The usual sessions consist of laughter sessions along with breathing exercises.

A typical session starts with simulated laughter with everyone present maintaining eye contact and laughing as a sort of bodily exercise. Some may tell jokes to make the session more jovial. This forced laughter soon turns to natural laughter as the participants get into the mood, let themselves go and start enjoying the feeling of laughing freely like a small child.

These laughing sessions are accompanied or followed by simple yogic practices like light stretches. This is followed by some simple and effective breathing techniques for better body and mind health.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

  • Helps to deal with everyday stress
  • Lets the body and mind relax
  • Calms the mind
  • Helps release feel good endorphin hormones in the body

Laughter Yoga is one of those workouts that helps to relax and heal the mind. It generates goodwill and works at complete wholesome well-being. It is revolutionary in its concept and has gained worldwide popularity and acceptance as more and more people are understanding the benefits of this amazing new style of relaxation in a fun way.

Laughter Yoga – A Stress Controller:
Stress is mainly caused due to one’s perception. People with pessimistic attitude are more prone to worries. Worries may be because of some past incidents or present situation either in personal life or professional side. The obvious results are tension, poor sleep, anxiety and inability to take up personal responsibility.

Manifestations of worrying in the work place consist of a list of symptoms: poor attention, irritability, less focus on things, defensiveness and ultimately lower efficiency.

How Laughter Yoga Works on Stress:

  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It stimulates the digestive system and internal organs to digest the food easily
  • It reduces the level of the negative stress hormone Cortisol
  • It rapidly gears up the flow of the oxygen to the brain and other essential organs of the body to activate the metabolism
  • It slashes down the risk of heart attacks
  • It boosts the immune system to fight foreign particles effectively
  • It promotes sound sleep
  • It increases the physical stamina

Are you feeling stressed at the workplace? To get rid of the stress, get the best performance awards and incentives, and to upgrade your workmanship factor, practice Laughter Yoga every day.

Laugh and make everyone laugh!

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