How Can You Get Yoga Teacher Training Certifications?

Yoga is an ancient Indian system of physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. It helps people not only stay fit physically, but have a calm mind and keep stress at bay. In the last dew decades, Yoga has become increasingly popular in countries like the US and Canada.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of Yoga for healthy and quality living, there is an increasing demand for Yoga teachers. An ever increasing number of people are showing interest in learning Yoga techniques and practices. This has opened up a whole new arena for those interested in taking up teaching Yoga professionally.

How can you become a qualified Yoga teacher?
Although anyone can practice and follow Yoga, there are some prerequisites if you wish to become a certified and qualified teacher of Yogic techniques and practices.

Firstly, you need to have practiced Yoga for adequate number of years. This is so that you will have all-round knowledge of Yogic practices. This will help you in teaching Yoga to others in a better way and explain Yogic techniques with greater ease.

Secondly, you should have ideally trained under the Yoga master you choose to get you teacher training certificate. This is preferable and advisable simply because you need to be comfortable with the style of teaching and training that the Yoga master is used to. You need to be sure that is the way you want to learn and be able to teach others.

Certified and recognized courses for Yoga teacher training
There are a number of certified courses that offer a certificate in Yoga for those who wish to become teachers. One such course is the one offered by the Yoga Alliance, which is a nationally recognized certificate in the United States. This course has two levels, after the completion of which the individual becomes a certified and registered Yoga teacher.

Once this basic training is done, you might have to go to trainers and masters of specific Yoga techniques and forms depending on the Yoga style you wish to pursue and teach.

Although once certified, you can choose to pursue it as a full time profession or just as an add-on to your current job. But during the training period, you might have to spend a lot of time in the training as well as just interacting with your teacher to increase your knowledge and understanding of the system.

Whatever technique you may wish to follow and however you may choose to pursue it, the most important thing is to be passionate about Yoga and teaching and spreading the word about this wonderful system of well-being.

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