How Can You Use Yoga Straps in Yoga?

Yoga straps are props that are used in the practice of Yoga. They make the practice of various Asanas easier and better. They are adjustable belts that help hold postures for longer time durations. They are usually made of cotton and are soft to avoid any abrasions on the skin.

How to use Yoga straps

They are adjustable belts that are used to prolong the holding time of postures. They can be used to support the body or a part of the body and hold it in a certain position steadily as this might be difficult otherwise. This helps in concentrating on the posture and breathing rather than on being able to balance and maintain the posture.

They come in different lengths to suit different needs. They also have buckles to adjust the length for using in various Asanas. These straps can be used by beginners as well as those who are learning higher levels of Yoga.

They can be used for standing, sitting as well as lying down postures. They can be used for better balance as also for greater stretches of various muscles. Straps can also be used for loosening the body just before going into a relaxation posture.

Benefits of using Yoga straps

  • Makes Yoga practice easier and more comfortable
  • Increases body flexibility
  • Helps in better concentration
  • Holding time for Asanas is enhanced
  • Makes Yoga easy to practice and threfore accessible to a huge population

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