All About the Yoga Ball

Yoga is an ancient philosophy that comes from India. It is a system that deals with physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Although its a very old philosophy, it has recently become popular in countries like the US and Canada.

To help make practice easier, comfortable and more enjoyable, yoga props are being used increasingly in the practice of Yoga. They are a number of different kinds of yoga props. Yoga blocks, Yoga blankets, Yoga wedges, Yoga mats and more recently the Yoga ball.

What is the Yoga ball?

Yoga balls are also known as Swiss balls. They were earlier used in gyms and pilates, but have now been incorporated into Yoga as well. The Yoga ball is used mainly for stability but can be used in a number of ways. It can be used in Asanas (Postures) for better stretching and balance. It is also sometimes used therapeutically, for strengthening muscles after injuries.

Types of Yoga balls
There are different types of Yoga balls to suit different needs. They come in different sizes for people of different heights.

They also come in various kinds where the kind of workout desired and required is taken into consideration.

  • Thera band ball: It is mainly used for rehabilitative purposes. It help in strengthening the muscles that support the spine, thus making posture better. It is useful especially in treating back pain. It can also be used for normal regular exercises.
  • Core advantage balls: They come with a resistance band and are used for workouts of the whole body. They are used for increased stretching and strengthening of abdomen, back and arm muscles.

How to use a Yoga ball?

There are many DVDs available that can be helpful in learning to use the Yoga ball. You can also join classes that teach Yoga using it as a prop. When you buy a Swiss ball, it generally comes with a manual on how to use it in various workouts.

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