All About Yoga Bolsters

Yoga and yogic practices, an ancient system native to India, are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. More and more people are reaping the benefits of these practices. To meet the needs of this diverse population of Yoga practitioners, a number of products have come out in the market. These products are yoga props and they help in making practising Yoga easier, safer and more comfortable. Yoga blocks, Yoga wedges, Yoga bolsters, Yoga mats in a range of materials are some such Yoga props.
Yoga Bolsters

What are Yoga bolsters?

Yoga bolsters are cushions that provide support, especially to the back, legs and abdomen while performing Asanas (Postures). They can even be used for Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. They help prevent over-stretching of muscles and excessive pressure on joints. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit specific needs.

Types of Yoga bolsters

  • Rectangular: They are relatively flat and made of dense material. They are usually used under the knees while doing some Asanas to prevent excessive pressure and relax the spine.
  • Cylindrical: They are firm and round in shape. They can be used in postures by placing them either perpendicular or parallel to the spine. They can also be used under the knees. They can be used for providing support while doing Asanas that require bending forward as well.
  • Breathing: They are long and thinner than the other bolsters. They help provide support to the long muscles that run along the spine and promote deeper breathing.
  • Neck rolls: They are small and can be used to support the neck when lying down on the back.
  • Zafus: They are small cushions specifically made for meditation. They are also called meditation pillows or cushions. They give support to the back and help sit in one position for long periods of time.


Yoga bolsters help in better stretches for the back, abdomen, chest and hamstrings. They prevent over stretching and straining of muscles. They are light and easy to carry around. They are extremely useful and can help make your yoga sessions more relaxed and comfortable.

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