What are Yoga Wedges?

Yoga belts, yoga blankets, yoga blocks and yoga wedges are just some of the popular props used on the practice of Yoga today. They make practising yoga better and allow for lengthening holding time of postures. They also decrease discomfort and pain for those with knee, back and other such problems which could interfere with the practice of Yoga.

Yoga Wedges

With popularization of Yoga all over the world, there are various modifications that have been brought about in the practice of Yoga to suit the needs and requirements of people. Along with this, props have also been introduces in the practice of Yoga which are now becoming more and more popular.

What are Yoga wedges?

Yoga wedges are long and have an angular top. They are not very thick and require some amount of flexibility on the part of the individual using it to be effective. They can be used under the elbows, wrists, knees and heels.

They help reduce the pressure on joints while doing Yoga Asanas (postures). They also help in relieving tightness of joints, especially wrists and elbows. They also help reduce stress on the body during stretching, making it easier to practise and thereby increase overall flexibility. They can also be used while sitting in meditative postures to increase comfort and to be able to sit in the same posture for longer.

They are made of durable high density foam. They are very light and easy to carry around. They usually have a covering of cloth that can be washed. They come in different colors. They are easy to maintain and are long lasting.

It may be a good idea to use Yoga wedges especially if you suffer from stiffness in the body, joint pains or backache. They are very useful in daily practice of Yoga without the burden of excessive pain or stress on the body.

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