Yoga to help breast cancer patients feel better

Yoga can give a new lease of life to women who are under or have undergone breast cancer treatment. This is not to say that Yoga cures cancer. It only helps in the healing process and makes it easier to cope with chemotherapy and other treatments. These treatments drain energy from the body making the patient weak. Yogic practices help rejuvenate and energise the body and strengthen the mind to help cope with the illness and treatment procedures.

Yogic practices
Pranayama or breathing techniques, specifically those that aid slow deep breathing are found to be beneficial to cope with physical as well as the psychological impact of cancer and its treatments. It helps patients to relax and take it easy. Simple gentle stretches combined with breathing are a good way to start off. Meditation combined with these practices also proves extremely helpful. These techniques help patients feel better from within about themselves, which in turn speeds up the healing process.

A lot of women have benefitted from Yogic practices and recent researches give further evidence to the fact that Yoga makes coping with cancer easier on the body and mind. It helps give these women a better quality of life.

Yoga is beneficial to everyone. Cancer patients in particular can, however, have tremendous benefits with regular practice. Although its beneficial for them, cancer surviviors and patients not under chemotherapy seem to benefit more than those under chemotherapy. This may be the case because chemotherapy tends to make them feel sick and, due to this, they may not be able to see the benefits of Yoga.

Word of caution
Yogic practices are highly recommended for those with breast cancer. But, one has to be careful where to go and who to learn Yoga from. This is because not all centres hich teach Yoga are equipped to deal with cancer patients and their unique requirements. One has to go to a practitioner who is trained to manage cancer patients. This is because such patients frequently have arm and shoulder problems which may get aggravated if proper care is not taken during practice of Yoga. If these few precautions are in place, Yoga can be a safe and effective method to help breast cancer patients heal faster and better.

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