Preparation for Yoga Class

Preparation for yoga class

There is no official outfit for yoga as such, however you would like to wear a comfortable clothing that best suits for yoga. The following points gives you an idea on how to choose an appropriate outfit to perform yoga.

1. Can you imagine wearing a jeans and a tight t-shirt while performing yoga, it looks so awkward if you do so. Clothes that you choose should be stretchable to allow free movement and comfortable leggings, yoga pants or shorts. Tight clothes will slow down the circulation of blood in your body and results in low energy flow.

2. Since ages, yoga has been performed in bare feet. But now people are more of health conscious and hygienic, so they have started using socks and shoes, specially made for yoga. While some use mats. Some yoga trainers do not digest their students wearing shoes or socks while performing yoga in the class. So it is important to discuss with the trainer before starting the yoga class.

3. If you have bought a new pair for yoga outfit, it is always advisable to test it, before you hit the yoga class. You can twist and turn your body, stretch your legs, jog for sometime and a few poses in front of the mirror, will help you understand the elasticity of the clothes. You will also be able to judge till what extent you can stretch and how freely you can move your body. The outfit should not be too baggy or loose, you don’t have to look like a rapper to perform yoga and the clothes should not get on your way while performing asanas. However they need to be perfectly fit to figure-out your body alignment. This will help the trainer to give feedback on your pose.

4. Do not wear any kind of jewelry while performing yoga. If you have long hair, just pin it up, as it may divert your concentration.

5. Do not use contact lenses or specks while performing resting poses.

6. It is always advisable to wear organic fabrics for yoga, as it is sweat-free and well protected.

7. Do not use excess of deodorants or perfume, while performing in the yoga class, as it may irritate others who are sensitive with the products.

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