Benefits of Om Meditation

Just by spending a few minutes on Om meditation one will feel energized and refreshed. One can practically experience calmness, peace and bliss. Regular practice makes one return to the natural state of consciousness and one can enjoy every moment of life as the life becomes more meaningful. One can infer that this meditation is powerful process to manage stress and all negatives of the life.

Rishis and sages who have attained self-realization have experienced the mysterious effects of repetition or chanting of Om. Having made long researches and experiments on Om and its vibrations, they meditated on Om for a considerable period and then gave to the world Om as the right symbol of Brahman.

The mystery of Om is yet to unfold. This force of Om tears the veils, destroys desires, cravings, and egoism and takes the aspirant to Brahman. It elevates the consciousness to the thought of Brahma and annihilates the mula-ajnana (root ignorance). It helps the meditator to rest in his own Satchidananda swarupa.

Here are Few Benefits of Om Meditation:

Spiritual Connection: Om meditation help to transfer one self to spiritual plane and connect one self to the Divinity.

Emotional Tranquility: One experience emotional tranquility. Once the minor obstacles seemed unsolvable and now even big issues seem more manageable. If problems come the reaction is calm and confident with a certain sense of detachment.

Self Esteem: Regular meditation can do wonders in healing low self-esteem and self-worth too. Along with inner peace comes a genuine sense of self-love and acceptance.

Controlled and focused thoughts: Regular time spent in meditation helps us move out of our scattered thoughts and live our lives from a state of peace and well-being. Our thoughts are still there but we are no longer dwelling in them. We dwell instead in a quieter, softer place within us.

Brighter inner radiance: The longer you continue to meditate on Om, the brighter your inner radiance will grow. One can see oneself in a completely different way than before.

Ladder of spiritual life: Last but not least Om is the ladder that takes you to spiritual life. It takes the aspirant to the loftier levels of superconsciousness and spiritual heights of splendor and glory.

Please practice this meditation and see the results. Here we hope that you share this same spiritual essence with everyone you encounter and help affect positive change in the world.

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