Yoga for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the inflammation of air passages from the trachea (wind pipes) into the lungs. This can cause severe respiratory distress, coughing, wheezing, etc. It is suggested that asanas and pranayama in yoga for bronchitis can check constriction of the bronchioles and strengthen the capacity of our lungs. This might help in breathing properly, thereby treating bronchitis.

Yoga for Bronchitis

Yogasanas that can treat bronchitis are listed as under:

Pranayama: This teaches the art of controlled breathing. Experts believe this technique can increase the capacity of bronchial tubes. This can help in treating respiratory distress, thereby treating bronchitis.
Mountain Posture or Tadasana: This posture can strengthen the capacity of our lungs by activating the bronchioles, thereby treating bronchitis.
One-Legged Raised Pose or Ekpada Uttan Asana: It is assumed that during retention, there is penetration of air into the bronchioles. This can activate the lung capacity, thereby treating bronchitis.

How to do Ekpada Uttan Asana?

  • Lie in supine position keeping your whole body straight but loose.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose (not through your mouth).
  • Tighten the toes of one leg and keep the other leg loose.
  • While inhaling, slowly lift the tightened leg upwards without twisting or altering the position of other parts of your body.
  • Try to lift the leg as high as you can without putting any extra pressure or strain on your legs.
  • Hold your breath for few seconds and also the position.
  • While exhaling, slowly bring down the leg back to its original position.
  • When the leg rests on the ground, one round of ‘Ekpada Uttan Asana’ is complete.
  • Practice the asana on your other leg.

These are the pranayama and asanas that can be practiced in yoga for bronchitis.

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