Kandharasana: The Shoulder Pose

In Sanskrit ‘Kandha’ means the shoulder, so kandharasana is known as the ‘Shoulder Pose’ in English. It is suggested that ‘Kandharasana’ can help in spinal re-alignment, treat back pain, etc. The asana can also help in toning the female reproductive organs, thereby treating menstrual disorders, miscarriage, etc. Apart from these, ‘kandrasana’ is also assumed to promote digestion by toning and massaging the abdominal organs, in treating asthma, uterine prolapse, etc.

How to Practice Kandrasana or the Shoulder Pose?

  • Lie in Savasana.
  • Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet firmly on the ground. Heals of your feet should touch the buttocks.
  • Position your feet and knees in such a way so that they are shoulder width apart.
  • While inhaling, arch your trunk upwards, lifting the buttocks. Try to push your chest and navel as high as you can without moving the feet or shoulders.
  • In the final position of this pose, the weight of your body should rest on the head, shoulder, neck, arms and feet.
  • Hold this pose as long as you are comfortable. While exhaling, slowly lower your buttocks and trunk down to the floor.

Who Cannot Practice Kandharasana or the Shoulder Pose?
Experts suggest that those who are suffering from duodenal ulcer, peptic ulcer or abdominal hernia may not want to do ‘Kandharasana’. This can cause further aggravation. It is also suggested that pregnant women in their advanced stage may stay away from this asana as this can cause miscarriage.

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