Can Yoga Cure High Blood Pressure?

Stress is regarded as the primary cause of high blood pressure. Any imbalance triggered by emotional or physical stress can put pressure on the pumping action of our heart and this can have adverse effect on the blood pressure.

Can Yoga Cure High Blood Pressure?
It is suggested that yoga, through its various poses, breathing techniques and meditation can help reaching the mind to alpha brain wave state. This can help in reducing the overall stress in the mind and body, thereby bringing down the blood pressure to normal.

Yoga for High Blood Pressure

Listed below are ways yoga may cure high blood pressure:

  • Meditation for High Blood Pressure: Deep breathing technique in meditation along with the chanting of OM” can help to focus the mind, body and spirit. This can bring complete relaxation of the mind and that of the vital organs of our body. This can restore the functioning of all organs including that of the heart, thereby reducing high blood pressure.
  • Pranayama for High Blood Presssure: It is suggested that Pranayama, through its controlled (deep and quiet) breathing techniques can reduce the respiration rate. Reduce respiratory rate can lessen the strain on heart and mind. Once the strain is lifted off the mind and heart, the functioning of the nervous system and that of the heart are restored. This may reduce high blood pressure.
  • Sukhasana or Easy Pose for High Blood Pressure: This pose, usually done after the corpse pose, can reduce stress from the mind and heart. This can help in promoting inner tranquility, thus reducing high blood pressure.

Other benefits associated with yoga that can have positive effect on our heart are weight loss, reduced cholesterol, removal of toxins, etc. All these factors may help in restoring the blood pressure back to normal.

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  1. By the way, check out these interesting blood pressure facts from Blood Pressure
    – High blood pressure rarely has any symptoms.
    – Secondary hypertension represents about 5-10% of all hypertension cases.
    – Not eating enough potassium raises blood pressure
    – High blood pressure/hypertension is a level consistently at or above 140mmHg and/or 90mmHg
    – African Americans have a higher death rate from stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure.

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