Surya Namaskar: The Sun Salutation Pose

Surya Namaskar
Starting your day with Surya Namaskar not only rejuvenates your mind and body, but provides various other benefits as well. Surya Namaskar means salutation to the Sun. In India, sun is worshiped since thousands of years as it is considered the central source of energy in our system. The 12 graceful asanas of this sun salutation pose forms a series and a full round consists of practicing two sets of this series.

How to Practice Surya Namaskar?
  • Begin this asana by standing straight with your feet together and palms folded, as if in prayer, at the chest.
  • While inhaling, lift your hands above your head and bend back your spine from the waist as much as you can. Relax the neck.
  • While exhaling, bend forward and down. Touch your toes with the tip of your fingers. Keep your knees straight and try to touch the knees with your forehead.
  • Stretch back your right leg and balance it on your big toe. Keep your knees pressed to the ground. Look up and lift your chin.
  • While retaining your breath, bring back your left leg together with the right leg. Support your weight on your hands and toes. Align your head and body and look at the ground between your hands.
  • While exhaling, lower your knees, chest and lastly your forehead. Keep your hips raised and your toes curled under.
  • While inhaling, lower the hips. Keep your legs together and shoulders down. Look up.
  • While exhaling, lift your hips like an inverted V-shape. Try to push down your heels and head. Keep your shoulders back.
  • While inhaling, set the right foot between your hands. Keep the left knee on the floor and look up.
  • While exhaling, bring the left leg forward and bend down from the waist level.
  • While inhaling, bend your arms forward, then up and finally above your head. Arch back slowly from your waist.
  • While exhaling, return back to an upright position and rest your arms down by your side.

Besides mental and physical benefits, Surya Namaskar can enhance your emotional and spiritual self. You can practice this asana just once daily and get the benefit of 12 asanas from one asana, if done correctly.

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