Janusirasana: Head-to-Knee Pose

In Sanskrit, Janu” refers to knee” while Siras” refers to head”. In Janusirasana”, the head is rested on the knee. Experts suggest that this asana can promote healthy liver and improve its overall function by activating and strengthening it. Apart from this, Janusirasana” can promote digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive and gastric juices. It is also believed that the asana can stimulate the sciatic nerves and the solar plexus, thereby treating sciatica.

How to Practice Janusirasana”?

  • You can start the asana by sitting straight in ‘Sukhasana’ with legs stretched forward.
  • Spread your legs by keeping your heels fifteen inches apart.
  • Bend your right knee until your heel rests in the right groin and the front of the foot touches your left thigh.
  • Keep your head and trunk erect.
  • While taking a breath, lift the hands above your head, with palms facing outwards.
  • Breathe out completely.
  • Again inhale.
  • While exhaling, draw the stomach in. From your waist, slowly bend forward your head and trunk. While doing this, stretch your forearms and fingers forward towards the extended left foot. Hold the ball of your foot tightly with both hands.
  • Take a deep breath again.
  • While breathing out, press the knee of your extended left leg against the floor and bend your elbows outward. Now, slowly bend down your head and trunk further.
  • While pulling forward your trunk further, place your forehead on the left knee joint.
  • Gradually lower your elbows to rest them on the floor.
  • Stay in this position initially for 5-10 seconds. You can increase the time gradually.
  • While breathing in, slowly return to your original position.
  • You can repeat the movements with your extended right leg.

You may want to practice this asana under the close supervision of an expert so as to avoid any complication that may arise out of it. Those having cervical pain or lumbar pain may want to practice with care or may want to avoid this asana altogether.

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