Kati Chakrasana (The Waist Rotating Pose)

In Sanskrit, ‘kati’ means the waist, while ‘chakrasana’ means the rotating pose. Experts suggest that the relaxation and swinging movement of this asana can relieve back stiffness and can correct postural problems. The twisting movement of the upper body in ‘Kati Chakrasana’ can tone up our hips, back and waist. This asana can also stretch the abdominal muscles, thereby reducing belly fat and helping you become slim and energetic.

How to Practice ‘Kati Chakrasana’?
  • You can begin this asana by standing straight and keeping your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • As you inhale, lift both your arms up to the shoulder levels.
  • Without moving the feet, as you exhale, rotate the upper part of your body (above the hip) to the right side. While still exhaling, try to bring your right arm behind your waist and the left arm touch the top of your right shoulder.
  • Your head should be fully turned towards the right as you look behind.
  • Inhale and return back to your center position.
  • Repeat the pose on your opposite side.

You can practice eight rounds of this waist rotating pose – four on each side. You may not want to take more than 30 seconds to complete your eight rounds.

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