Trataka Meditation: Better Eyesight

‘Trataka’ is called the third eye meditation. It creates awareness of the ‘Agya Chakra’ – the sixth chakra located just 20-25 degress above, between your eyebrows. ‘Trataka meditation’ can be practiced by focusing one’s gaze on any object like a candle or at any point without blinking. Experts believe that ‘Trataka’ can improve vision by promoting mental focus and by strengthening and relaxing our eye muscles. Such muscles are responsible for controlling the eyeballs movements towards the upward, downward, left and right directions.

How to Practice Trataka Meditation for a Better Eyesight?
  • Light a candle.
  • Sit comfortably on padmasana, vajrasana, siddhasana or sukhasana keeping spine straight.
  • Keep eyes open so that you can fix your gaze on the candle or at any point.
  • Keep looking at the candle or at the point until your eyes become watery. Close your eyes and relax for few seconds.
  • Repeat the practice at least thrice.

There are various ways of practicing ‘Trataka’. It is believed that systematic and regular practice of this meditation can cure such complex eye problems as myopia, hypermetropia, styes, etc. One should avoid practicing this third eye meditation unless guided by an expert.


  • It is an effective meditation technique of removing mind distraction
  • It aborts impact rooted in the sub-conscious mind
  • This meditation sharpens one’s intellect by opening the dormant centers of brain
  • It even improves the ability of a person to study others mind
  • It improves the capacity of transmitting the thought to others mind


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