One-Legged Pose: Ekapadasana

In Sanskrit, ‘eka’ means one and ‘pada’ means foot. Thus, ‘Ekapadasana’ refers to one-legged pose. Experts suggest that ‘Ekapadasana’ makes you aware of your mind and body. Apart from toning your legs and reducing fat around your hips, this pose can also help you achieve great control over your nerves and muscles. ‘Ekapadasana’ can improve your concentration power by turning the attention away from the distractions and focusing your mind on your body.
One-Legged Pose

How to Practice One-Legged Pose?
  • Stand straight with your toes touching each other and your arms by your side.
  • Inhale and raise your arms parallel to the ground directly in front of you, with thumbs touching each other.
  • Now exhale and raise your right knee. Bend your leg at an angle of 90 degree.
  • Take a pause and extend your leg straight in front with the toes pointing forward.
  • Again take a pause and swing your leg backward while bending forward at your waist level.
  • You can now breathe slowly while taking care that your torso, arms and legs are all raised parallel to the ground.
  • Maintain your position initially for at least 30 seconds and return slowly to your normal position.
  • You can now repeat this asana on your other leg.

If you can stand on your foot for 30 seconds without swaying, try doing this asana with your eyes closed. If you have problem balancing on one foot, try practicing this asana near a window sill or a wall for support. Experts suggest not to overdo ╦ťone-legged pose’ initially. You can gradually increase the duration of time until you can do the pose comfortably. A trained Yoga instructor can help you learn this asana correctly.

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