Kapalbhati: Purifies Your Mind

In Sanskrit, ‘kapala’ refers to the skull, while ‘bhati’ refers to polish or shine. Experts recommend ‘kapalbhati’ as an effective mind detoxifier that supplies fresh oxygen to the brain. It is also known as breathing yoga. It improves the oxygen intake by which carbondioxide can be eliminated from the body. Thus, enhances proper functioning of the lungs, remaining respiratory organs and all other body organs. It can cure stress or depression by clearing negative thoughts and emotions. Read on to know the method of practicing kapalbhati.

How to Practice Kapalbhati?


  • You can start kapalbhati sitting either cross-legged or in vajrasana or in any other comfortable position.
  • Keep your spine erect. You can keep your hand rested on your knees, face relaxed.
  • Breathe normally for a minute till you are composed.
  • Slowly inhale by allowing the air to enter smoothly into your lungs.
  • With swift contraction or inward stroke of the abdominal muscles, expel the air completely out of your lungs. This should produce a puffing sound.
  • Inhalation is automatic. During inhalation, your abdominal muscles should relax.
  • You can carry out this asana in 3 phases. Each phase should comprise 20-30 strokes per minute.
  • You can relax after each phase.
  • Throughout the asana, the chest should not move. You can only use the diaphragm for breathing, not the upper part of your chest.

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