Yoga for Tension-Type Headache

If you are suffering from tension-type headache then regular yoga practice can help you. Usually tension-type headache is caused by stress, eye strain, bad posture, sleep deprivation, etc. Experts suggest that some simple and effective techniques of yoga for tension type headache can help you in treating the condition by relaxing the mind, body and the spirit, correcting the posture, etc.

Yoga for Tension-Type Headaches – Asanas to Cure Tension-Type Headache
  • Sukhasana:  Majority find ‘Sukhasana’ to be very simple and effective. If you lead a busy and stressful life, sukhasana can help you in relieving tiredness by giving you an inner calmness and tranquility.  It can help in straightening the spine and correcting your posture, thereby treating tension-type headache.
  • Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation Pose: ‘The Sun Salutation’ is worship of the Sun God. It is recommended that Suryasana can help in improving blood circulation. The Sun Salutation can also help in improving the flexibility and strength of the spine by correcting the posture. Good posture can help in relieving muscle tension, thereby treating tension-type headache.
  • Savasana or The Corpse Pose: If you suffer from insomnia, then regular practice of Savasana or the Corpse Pose can cure it. Experts suggest that ‘Savasana’ can help in relieving fatigue and nervousness by improving blood circulation, thereby treating tension-type headache.
  • Anuloma Viloma or Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique: You can learn the correct way of breathing through the Alternate Nostril Breathing technique. Experts suggest that correct breathing technique can help in bringing more oxygen into the system and can  help in relieving tension. This can help in treating tension-type headache.

Now that you know the type of asanas in yoga for tension-type headache clearly. Start practicing them to get relieved from the stress and tension.

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