Yoga Gifts For A Yogic Person

If you are looking out for gifts for someone who likes doing Yoga, or greatly believes in Yoga, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of yoga gifts, which you can gift to your near and dear ones. Also, these gifts can be given to someone who recently started practicing yoga.

Ideas on Yoga Gifts

Buddha Images: This is a very revered gift that you could offer to any person.

Accessories: Any kind of accessories like prayer chains and bracelets can be gifted. Also, prayer rings, bangles and pendants on which prayers are being inscribed can be a meaningful gift. Wrist bands ear rings, brooches on which Om is being carved is also a good choice.

Tea: Yoga is said to calm the body and tea which greatly calms and relaxes the body can be a great gift.There are several yogic teas available in the market which can be gifted. Yogic teas like Ginger Lemon Tea, Classic Yogi Tea are perfect examples.

Incense: Various soothing and aromatic incense sticks will prove to be a great gift. The fragrance of the incense lasts for days. Also, include an incense burner in the gift package.

Prayer Books: Which can be read and meditated by the individual can also be gifted.

Yoga Calendars: Which specify the importance of a particular date can prove to be very useful to the individual.

Yoga Apparel: Loose white and other lighter color kurtas and pyjamas can also be a great gift choice.

Yoga Mats: Comfortable mats on which the individual can lie and work out can also be a great choice.

Yoga Music: Which consists of special chants can be a great gift too.

Depending on the level of intimacy and closeness to the person, you can give yoga gifts for a person.

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