Benefits Of Tantric Yoga

Tantric Yoga, a beneficial form is very often misunderstood and restricted to the realms of sex alone. People often seek out to explore tantric yoga, only to improve their sex lives.

Various cultures in which this form of Yoga is practiced, believe in the integration of the body and mind and therefore stress a lot on sexual activity to achieve the inner spiritual development.There is no doubt that tantric yoga greatly enhances sexual efficiency. But, one cannot just restrict its benefits to this realm alone. Sexual efficiency is just one of the various benefits which can be achieved through this form.

Sexual happiness is not the only form of happiness, ultimately a human being tends to get fed up with sexual pleasure and seeks out the true meaning of life. When sought in the true sense, tantric yoga, brings about a true sense of well being and helps one realize his /her purpose of existence.

Tantric Yoga is a knowledge which grows with experience and conscious study, bookish knowledge is not sufficient.The knowledge blossoms in people who have the qualities of selflessness, loyalty, sense of commitment, purity, satisfaction and a sense of duty and devotion. Others also can benefit, but those who want to really grow in the knowledge should possess the above mentioned qualities. There are several benefits of this practice when practiced faithfully.

Benefits of Tantric Yoga
  • It brings about an integration of the mind body and the spirit. There is a sense of spiritual development and healing that takes place.
  • People living in this world are very selfish, tantric yoga helps one develop a sense of selflessness and unconditional love to people around, making the act of love making less stressful. This inner psychological healing manifests itself in various selfless activities, including sex. Sex is no longer a recreational activity, rather it is performed with a sense of awareness of the other persons feelings and comfort and with a sense of giving more pleasure to the partner rather than receiving only. This philosophy of selflessness makes the act of love making pleasurable.
  • Various other simple activities like walking in the park, setting the table, , saving money etc through tantric yoga tend to become effective and meaningful.
  • Most importantly, tantric yoga helps improve breathing, meditation, and helps shift the focus from negative to more positive thoughts.

Tantric Yoga helps us rise above the impediments of our development by purifying our thoughts and feelings. Thus helping us to learn to create peace, harmony and order.

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