Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is the study of the universal through the study of the individual. It brings under its wing all the sciences like – astrology, astronomy, numerology, physics, chemistry, physiognomy, and alchemy. It is also said to have inspired Ayurveda, mathematics, geometry, psychology and many other modern sciences.
Tantra Yoga pulls all these sciences together to provide a practical way to realize the highest ideals of philosophy in daily life instead of categorizing the different areas of human knowledge.
Tantra Yoga studies the universe as a tree with all the sciences as its branches. This tree becomes a microcosm of all the miscellaneous essentials connected by the dharma – the uniting law.
The primary objective of Tantra Yoga is to develop awareness in all the states of consciousness. For this a little bit of deprogramming and reprogramming of the human body and mind become necessary. Our birth, our native place, and time are responsible for our fundamental programming. This is further influenced by environment and heredity. If we are satisfied with our existence and we can continue living our lives without any problems. This leaves no further scope of transformation.
But when we go through the ebbs and tides of life we start looking for something beyond our limited program. Tantra Yoga helps us to modify our program. It also helps us to identify a wide range of factors that impact our thoughts feelings and actions.

Tantra Yoga helps us rise above the impediments of our development by purifying our thoughts and feelings. Thus helping us to learn to create peace, harmony and order.

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