Yoga for Fat Burning

Can you practice yoga for fat burning? Yes, Losing excess fat may not be easy for everyone but, with right attitude and will, you can make the real difference in your body weight. There are certain poses in yoga for fat burning, which help in building up a lean muscle tone. Yoga when combined with running, biking or walking is an ultimate choice for losing excess weight.

Poses Involved in Yoga for Fat Burning
  • Warm Up – Leg raises or the pado-uttansana – both legs are raised and dropped extremely slowly. There are other variations to this warm up, like leg-cycling, leg circles all of which gym trainers use without knowing its yogic background.
  • Sarvangasana / Shoulder stand Yoga Posture – When you hang upside in shoulder stand yoga asana, you can actually feel the steady and slow burn of the muscle as it reacts to the pressure (resistance training) exerted by gravity on these large muscles. The legs feel similar effect.
  • The other fat burning asanas are Viparita karani mudra, navkasana. These have a great effect on the abs. Excellent for the beginners.
  • Candle pose / nirlamba sarvangasana. Padma-asana or lotus in shoulder stand are great for advanced yogics.

Yoga for Beauty
Yoga balances the hormones and increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your skin. And this process adds glow and radiance to your skin, prevents from wrinkles, sagging and dryness.

  • Stand straight on the ground and keep your feet about one foot distance.
  • Breathe fast and deep by covering your face with your palms.
  • Rub your face and the forehead with your fingers and breathe deep for ten times.
  • Once again rub the skin of the whole face, starting from the chin to forehead.
  • Keep breathing deeply.

Through the above asana the facial skin becomes wrinkle free, soft and shiny and starts glowing with radiance and attraction. The dark circles under the eyes vanish and the cheeks become pink.

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