Yoga for PMS relief

PMS, known as Pre-Menstrual cramps can be very painful. Irritability, mood swings, headaches, stomach cramps and body aches are symptoms of the Pre menstrual syndrome. Yoga for PMS is said to greatly aid in relieving the pre menstrual syndromes. Most of all the pre menstrual syndrome is said to make one very irritable, and yoga greatly helps one in this area by introducing a sense of calmness and well being. Some poses which are easy to do can be done in order to relieve the pre-menstrual syndrome. Yoga for pms is a very effective treatment.

Did you know that PMS has as many as four forms and manifestations? In 1980 Dr. Guy Abraham, an obstetrician and gynecologist classified PMS into 4 types namely –

  • Type A (anxiety);
  • Type C (craving);
  • Type D (depression);
  • Type H (H2O retention)

The anxiety that characterizes Type A is often accompanied by irritability and mood swings. In addition to experiencing cravings-notably for sugar-those who have Type C PMS often have fatigue and headaches. Confusion and even memory loss frequently accompany the depression that is the hallmark of Type D. The water retention characteristic of Type H PMS can also cause weight gain, bloating, and breast tenderness. This is not to say that a woman will experience only one type of PMS or that her symptoms will be the same each month. Any combination of these symptoms may occur; they will vary from month to month depending on which stress is present and which hormone predominates.

The next time you feel low due to Pre Menstrual Stress you can rejuvenate and uplift your mood with some simple Yoga asanas. Dr. Susan Lark of the PMS Self-Help Center in Los Altos, California, recommends the practice of certain asanas of yoga for PMS relief.

Yoga for PMS Relief – Yogic Poses

For Type A PMS –  the corpse pose (shavasana), the crocodile (makarasana), and the child’s pose (balasana) are very helpful in relieving anxiety and depression.

For Type C PMS – the bow (dhanurasana) and the modified bridge (setu bandha) are very helpful  in lessening the cravings of particular foods. This can really take a toll on their metabolism. The bow pose stretches and tones the ovaries, uterus, and abdominal organs. The upward momentum created by the sweeping movement of the head, eyes gazing toward the sky, and legs drawn up, increases energy and elevates the mood. Performing the modified bridge with controlled breathing rejuvenates and tones the reproductive organs as well as the abdominal organs, thereby helping to relieve carbohydrate cravings.

For Type D PMS – the upward-facing dog (urdhva mukha shvanasana), which is also a backward-bending pose, stimulates both the back and front of the body, especially the lumbar and pelvic regions. The upward gaze and sweeping movement skyward not only counteracts the downward pull of gravity, but also helps relieve depression.

For Type H PMS – the modified wide-angle pose (upavishtha konasana) and the half or supported plow (halasana) are two gentle, effective postures for relieving the symptoms.

These exercises of yoga for pms helps in effective control of the cramps, pain and stress of pre menstrual condition.

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