Yoga and Swimming

Yoga for swimmers

Swimming is a great exercise that needs a supple body. Though some people may be natural athletes, you also have to nurture nature’s gifts. Yoga and swimming, in which yoga can make your body more supple, enabling you to swim like a fish. Yoga helps to conserve energy by resting the muscles that are not used. Another notable aspect is breathing which is important for both yoga and swimming. Deep breathing enhances oxygen flow to struggling muscles. It enables swimmers to use their lungs better. Yoga also promotes calmness which helps swimmers hold their strokes for longer periods and improves their timings.

Yoga and Swimming – Improves Balance

Balance is another important part of yoga and swimming. A perfectly balanced body exudes mastery and grace. To hold various yoga poses, balance is necessary. Similarly, balance can help streamline your movements while swimming. A balanced swimmer is able to move easily through the water. They also move with more speed while expending less effort.

Yoga for Swimmers
Swimming movements require great muscle power. Yoga can improve your strength which will make you a better swimmer. Sun salutation poses are ideal for swimmers as they exercise all the major muscle groups. They also lubricate the joints, warm up the muscles and strengthen the whole body.

Benefits of Sun Salutation Poses for Swimmers

  • Mountain Pose: Generates energy
  • Arms Overhead: Lengthens the muscles utilized during butterfly stroke
  • Forward Fold: Elongates the muscles in the lower back which are also used during butterfly
  • Half Forward Fold: Strengthens the lower back muscles used for back and front strokes
  • Up dog: Stretches the belly, shoulders and chest all of which are used in forward strokes
  • Down Dog: Stretches the low back, calves and hamstrings and makes the hip flexors stronger

Yoga and swimming can improve the swimmers’ physical fitness and performance in the pool. Besides the physical benefits, yoga teaches us to compete and give our best in sports activities and accept the outcome gracefully.

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