Yoga and Cancer Treatment

Yoga for cancer

Cancer can frighten the strongest person among us. This deadly condition disturbs our mind and affects our relationship with friends and family. Yoga, relaxation, meditation and pranayama can help cancer patients by relieving tension. Yoga facilitates better energy flow in the body, enhancing the mental health and strength of cancer patients.

Yoga for Cancer
Research reveals that psychological factors have an impact on the growth of cancer cells. By fortifying the mind, yoga for cancer is a powerful healing tool and can also boost the patient’s immunity. Specific yoga poses can help the affected part, but ensure you practice the poses within your limitations to avoid more pain. Yoga practice enhances relaxation, strength, flexibility and range of motion. It can complement radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients.

Yoga as Cancer Therapy
Yoga can alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment. It can also improve the patient’s quality of life by relieving stress caused by the ailment. Many cancer centers in the US offer yoga therapy for cancer patients.

Research on Yoga for Cancer
Many research studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of yoga therapy for patients suffering from breast cancer and other cancer types. These studies have found that yoga offers both mental and physical benefits for cancer patients. Research proves that yoga improves mood and sleep quality, and relieves stress, distress and other cancer-related symptoms.

Yoga Relieves Stress/Anxiety
Many cancer patients breathe inefficiently because of their stress. Pranayama teaches deep and slow breathing that enhances oxygen supply and reduces anxiety and stress. The stress hormone cortisol contributes to tumor growth. By reducing stress, yoga inhibits cortisol release.

Yoga for Insomnia
Research by the National Cancer Institute proves that yoga helps cancer patients overcome insomnia and sleep better. Yoga helped study participants depend less on sleep medications. It also reduced their fatigue levels. Another study found that yoga helped lymphoma patients fall asleep faster, sleep for a longer time and experience fewer sleep disturbances.

Yoga for Depression
Cancer affects patients mentally too by causing depression and other negative feelings. Yoga increases mind awareness and helps patients replace negative emotions with positive ones. Meditation and breathing techniques are thus useful to combat depression and other negative thoughts. Research proves that yoga participants are more positive about their condition.

Yoga Combats the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
Radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer can cause fatigue, toxicity and mental distress. Yoga can help patients effectively deal with and overcome all these side effects. Yoga for cancer can thus help patients of all cancer types and stages. Consult your doctor today for more information about using yoga therapy.

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